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Geographically Encoded Objects for RSS feeds

As RSS and Atom become more prevalent as a way to publish and share information, it becomes increasingly important that location is described in an interoperable manner so that applications can request, aggregate, share and map geographically tagged feeds. GeoRSS was designed as a lightweight, community driven way to extend existing feeds with geographic information.

There are currently two encodings of GeoRSS, Simple and GML:

Both formats are designed for use with Atom 1.0, RSS 2.0 and RSS 1.0, although it can be used just as easily in non-RSS XML encodings. Finally, if you've come here simply looking for a way to encode a point in XML, use either the 'GML' or 'Simple' version:


<georss:point>45.256 -71.92</georss:point>


    <gml:pos>45.256 -71.92</gml:pos>


Other Community Formats

Last update:October 8, 2014